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BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services is one of the longest-serving HVAC services company operating in the Eagle Rock area. At BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services, we pride ourselves years of experience in offering excellent heating and cooling services.

We specialize in both the older models as well as the most-up-to-date units. No brand or model is too complicated for us.

Our technicians offer excellent service delivery ensuring that your home remains a comfortable place to be. Therefore, when the temperatures feel so hot or almost at the freezing point, you know where to look as we offer professional services throughout Eagle Rock region.

Never hold on to a nonworking HVAC system, just contact our technical team for immediate assistance. We deliver within the deadlines and ensure high-quality skills.

When it comes to consultations, we have a qualified team that will ensure high caliber advice on any issue regarding the HVAC systems. Therefore, just contact BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services. For whenever you need installation, repair, or even replacement of your heating and cooling appliances.

Here is an overview of the services that our technical team offers.

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HVAC Services in Eagle Rock

Installation / Repair of Furnace

Eagle Rock residents remain sensitive to chilly weather conditions especially when winter temperatures are about to get to the lowest levels ever. Thus, we invest in the best home heating appliances.

Some will end up becoming so expensive especially when it comes to utility bills management. If you need an energy efficient room heating solution, the furnace is a good choice.

Investing in a fully functional furnace allows you big savings on the electricity bills. This is especially in winter when most people are likely to leave the room heating appliances on.

We provide installation of ultra-high efficiency furnace to the economical options. Read more about our furnace services here.

Installation / Repair of Furnace
Installation of Ducts and Ventilation Systems

Installation of Ducts and Ventilation Systems

The conduits or passages, commonly referred to as ducts, are used in heating and ventilation systems delivering the removal of air from the room where the HVAC system is installed.

The ducts facilitate supply or fresh air and removal of heated air. For the ducts to function optimally, it is important that you engage the services of qualified personnel for the installation of the ducts. At BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services, this is one of the main services, which we specialize in.

We are the leading ducts installation and repair services in Eagle Rock, and since our company was started, we have served dozens of customers. Until to date, we remain the most trusted and reliable HVAC systems installer in Eagle Rock region. This can be evident from the large number of customer service requests that we continually receive.

Read more about our duct and ventilation services.

Air Conditioning Repairs

BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services offer experienced technicians for air conditioner repair jobs. we service different types of air conditioners from different brands. As part of our overall custom, we remain well knowledgeable on matters to do with air conditioning repairs. For the years that we have been business, we have achieved a track of record delivering different AC repair services to customers around the Eagle Rock region. Our technicians are highly skilled workforce, qualified and certified when it comes to the installation and repair of AC systems.

Air Conditioning Repairs
Air Quality Service in Eagle Rock

Air Quality Service in Eagle Rock

Ensuring that you are not breathing contaminated air is of great importance. That is why at BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services, we offer you specially trained and experienced staff for air duct cleaning and replacement. We shall ensure proper cleaning of the AC system as well as complete replacement in order to ensure the system functions optimally and delivers fresh air safe for your whole family. Contaminated air duct often leads to endless allergies and it is bad for your respiratory system. Do not let contaminated air affect your family. Talk to us for air ducts cleaning and replacement.

Heat Pump Repair in Eagle Rock

Our licensed and certified Eagle Rock Heating and Cooling specialist offer professional heat pump repair services in Eagle Rock. We specialize in fast and affordable heat pump repair ensuring same day servicing of a heat pump in Eagle Rock. Therefore, if you need cleaning and repair of heat pump, we are the right partners for the job. We will ensure professional service delivery while provide you experts advise on maintenance of the heat pump.

Heat Pump Repair in Eagle Rock

BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services


24/7 Availability

Are you looking for a reliable HVAC specialist available 24 hour? Then contact BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services.

We understand how important the HVAC system is to your home comfort and health of your family. So BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services provide you experts who will help you in matters to do with the HVAC systems.

Call BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services, for 24 hour emergency HVAC services, when you need a specialist to help in repair and installation of a complete HVAC systems.

If you are looking for the best installer and repair consultant for HVAC systems, you just found a reliable company. BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services offer professional HVAC systems installation in the Eagle Rock region. Call us on (805)430-3785 to schedule a service with our specialists.