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Proper ventilation is important to ensure optimal performance of your AC system. At BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services Eagle Rock, we provide expert technicians with years of experience in HVAC repair and servicing. We take pride in providing high quality duct and ventilation solutions for residential and commercial use AC systems.

Duct / ventilation installation and replacement

If you need Duct or ventilation system replacement and cleaning, call us to schedule for the service. We have experienced personnel who shall advice on duct installation, while providing timely duct cleaning to ensure clean air quality flows into your room. We have highly qualified duct and ventilation experts ready to serve you and look into the different problems that you may be experiencing.

At BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services Eagle Rock, we are a full service air conditioning company. Therefore, if the air duct requires replacement or cleaning, we will be there to help you.


When is the right time for Air Duct / vent replacement?

When you are experiencing high cost of running the AC or you notice the indoor air quality is not good, the air duct is one of the possible contributing causes. Therefore, contact BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services Eagle Rock immediately for air duct and vent inspection. We are experts in air ducts and vents servicing. Our experts understand when the air duct requires a replacement or whether just cleaning and servicing will be adequate.

BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services

Before cleaning the air ducts or the vent, we will first identify what could be clogging the air duct and advice the customers how to best stop this from happening. Even if the house is still newly built and never pre-occupied, before moving in you need air duct and vents to be cleaned. Remember that the builder could have used the AC before the house was dusted and polished. Talk to BigHVAC Heating and Cooling Services Eagle Rock today to schedule for air duct cleaning and servicing.